Act One, Scene One…

First post. Hmm.

For me, there\’s a strange commitment to the first words on the page; and the notion of changing them, or deleting them, or ignoring them completely in the future feels a bit like an act of betrayal to the story idea you first had.

Of course by the time you reach the end, it\’s likely they\’re not the right first words any more. You\’ve spent more time with the characters in the story; they\’re doing things you didn\’t expect they\’d do at the start. In fact, the story might need to start from somewhere else entirely.

It\’s a point that regularly comes up when members\’ scripts are reviewed in Derbyshire Scriptwriters\’ monthly crit sessions; and it\’s fantastic to see how the group\’s thoughts can help give you a fresh point of view on what really counts – getting your script to tell the heart of your story.

So, here comes our next first post; if you feel something\’s missing, just wait \’til you see the rewrite…

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