Better later than never: AGM report (27 June 2021)

QUAD Café Bar - Discover Derby

It was a breath of fresh air in every way for members of Derbyshire Scriptwriters to finally meet for their Annual General meeting last weekend – our AGM met in the outside seating of Quad Cafe to catch up on what had been achieved in the last year, and discuss what we planned to do in the next.
Despite the wind trying to snatch our agenda sheets for a better look, we just about managed to keep hold of our papers and bags, and got through an inspiring AGM filled with positive reports of publication, awards, and progress by our members in what\’s been a difficult time for creating new work. 
The board for the new year was elected, with Chrissie and Andrew agreeing to work as joint Chairpersons, and Richard and Diana returning to their excellent work as Secretary and Treasurer respectively. A special thank you also goes to DSW member Maria, who treated the group with carrot cake to take home with us – delicious!
We\’ve all been living through extraordinary times since the start of 2020, and our AGM was just one of so many plans that had to wait for better days. And although we had to keep one eye on the weather and both hands on our notes, it was good to be together as a group, hopefully the start of good things to come.

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